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Case Initiation
The Case Initiation module creates a file for the case in the system, to which all images and other records are attached. It schedules a case from pre-trial hearing and assigns a case number and judge.

The Calendar module organizes cases for the judge and provides access to case data, document images and courtroom hearing workflow.

In-court Data Entry
Using a laptop in the courtroom, deputy clerks can enter information on proceedings directly into the system as needed. For example, in the case of a dismissal, the deputy clerk can input all the information needed to close the case automatically, once the dismissal order is signed by the judge.

Automatic Document Generation and Routing
Using information from the case record and further data entered in the courtroom, the system automatically prepares a variety of documents, such as hearing memos. These documents are docketed automatically, making them immediately accessible by the public, and copies are printed for all parties present in the courtroom.

Electronic Signature Capability
The judgment is prepared automatically and sent to the judge, who can sign it electronically. The system dockets the judgment and sends it, along with related documents, to the Official Records System and closes the case.

Delinquent Tax
NewVision’s Delinquent Tax Solutions automates the tax deed sales process, from the time an application is received in the Tax Deed office to the recording of the deed in the Clerk’s Official Records. The NewVision system speeds tax collection and makes recordkeeping much easier and more accurate than in the past by creating a digital folder in which all of the forms, certificates and information related to a sale is kept securely and accessed easily as required by designated personnel.

The system stores dozens of letters and reports that can be generated as needed, including monthly and quarterly reports, sheriff notice, letter to judge, lands available, a barred bidders list, current sale list and account summary. Hardly anything needs to be created from scratch once the system is up and running.
View PDF for more information.


NewVision’s Juvenile Delinquency Court Case Management System is a powerful tool for speeding juvenile cases through the courts.

The system enables staff — via an electronic workflow process, including scanning, recording and cashiering — to automatically prepare motions, filings, orders and schedules. The integrated digital file can be directed in real time to judges, juvenile justice agencies, attorneys and others with approved access.

The automated process of imaging, docketing and case file retrieval not only enhances staff productivity but ensures that the process is significantly more accurate while protecting confidentiality.

While NewVision’s Juvenile module can stand on its own, it’s generally part of a more comprehensive system that may include County Civil, Circuit Civil, Dependency, County Criminal, Circuit Criminal, Traffic, County Probation and Pre Trial modules.


NewVision’s Probate Court Case Management Application is a fully integrated paperless system designed to efficiently and accurately track and move cases through the courts. The application manages the filing and docketing of Probate cases, giving judges, attorneys and the public quick and efficient access to all relevant documents in the three Probate departments: Mental Health, Guardianship and Estates.

The system allows the court staff to

Establish a case, enter parties and attorneys and automatically assign a judge,
    court section and a case number.
Scan the documents into a newly created electronic docket, making them
    readily available to the court staff and to the public at public stations in
    the courthouse.
Index the data that was previously entered, enter additional data as the case
    progresses and seal, associate or consolidate cases.
Create documents such as summonses or final judgments by using MS Word
    templates of official court documents that are auto-populated with the case details
    when called by the user.
Rapidly retrieve cases by using a variety of quick sorting criteria.
Maintain the court calendar, adding hearing data, and routing final judgments
    in a rapid and efficient manner.

A separate Probate Court Administration module allows an administrator to maintain the Probate Court tables that control the case and docket types, division indicators, and disposition codes. The module also allows the administration to assign the user names and passwords that control access to the system and establish system security. Sensitive documents and private information such as social security numbers may be sealed from all viewable areas of the system.


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