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The paperwork involved in the American legal system is extensive and complex, which presents a significant logistical challenge for court clerks and judges. The NewVision Case Management System not only manages the required documents electronically, it ties all of them together into an efficient workflow that helps speed the entire process from end to end by drastically reducing the handling of paper. Necessary actions during the case, such as the filing of motions or the review of documents, can be handled via the Internet or an intranet.

With electronic case management, judges, attorneys, clerks and the public have quick and simultaneous access to complete case filings, from initiation through final judgment and, if necessary, appeals. Judges have instant access to all case material – integrated, complete and up-to-date – from their workstations.

What takes weeks using manual methods, such as preparing an appeals file or rendering a final judgment, can now be accomplished in seconds thanks to centralized, integrated, digitized information and images, automated workflows and electronic signatures.

The system can handle a variety of case types, from civil and probate to criminal, traffic and juvenile court cases.

Typical modules and features include:

Case Initiation
In-court Data Entry
Automatic Document Generation and Routing
Electronic Signature Capability
Delinquent Tax


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