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NewVision's collaborative, custom approach to solution development gives us the flexibility to address requirements that are not covered by our existing solution portfolio. As experts in document imaging and management, we have developed extensive capabilities in this area. We can leverage and customize our systems to meet a wide variety of needs.

If your requirements include document management of any kind, for any organization, public or private, we can accommodate you. Please contact us for more information.

Examples include:

Search NG
Licensing and Permits
Business Continuity/Disaster Preparedness
Solution Hosting Services

Search NG
SearchNG is an independent component of NewVision's ground breaking search engine RecordsNG. SearchNG provides superior access and functionality for the staff, general public and professional searchers. Operating the SearchNG Search Engine on an application server configured with the NewVision Application Server Software enables remote internet users to access the same search engine that is used by in-house staff and public view workstations. All users can take advantage of the wide-range of features built into the SearchNG product. The features and functionality of SearchNG are customizable with full security; e.g., allowing a limited free basic search and a full-featured, revenue producing premium product.

SearchNG adds a host of features to improve the speed and efficiency of records searching for both the Clerk's staff and the public. SearchNG includes options for basic searches as well as an advanced search capability geared toward professional searchers. The advanced capability enables compound searches that may include multiple names, date ranges and document type restrictions. The .Net based interface also enables searchers to tailor the display of search results - including desired columns, font types and sizes - to their individual needs.

NewVision has specifically designed the SearchNG product to be independent of the base Official Records database. All of the functionality is available regardless of the structure of the official records database.

View PDF for more information.

Licensing and Permits
An important function of any jurisdiction is to properly regulate the activities of citizens and businesses through various licensing and permitting statutes. The licenses and permits for which we offer cost-effective solutions tailored to appropriate federal, state and local jurisdictions include:

  The NewVision system includes all functions related to marriage licenses including data entry, the collection of fees, the issue of the license and both the recording and retrieval of the document.
  The system can process single or multiple passports per transaction, collect required fees and produces reports.
  The liquor license module supports the full range of activities related to the application and disposition of a liquor license such as data entry, the tracking of the process, fee collection, disposition, recording and retrieval.
The system automates the entire dog license process, including entering and printing required information, collecting fees, producing annual renewal notices and generating reports.
The system tracks every step of the pistol permit process including background checks and permit issuance history. Standard reports can be customized to meet specific county and state requirements.

View PDF for more information.


Business Continuity/Disaster Preparedness
Business Continuity planning and implementation enables an organization such as a county clerk’s office or court system to recover critical functions within a predetermined timeframe after a disaster. The disaster could be a fire, an earthquake, a terrorist event or a virus that attempts to take down the IT function. Business Continuity used to be an after-thought. Today, every organization needs a detailed plan. NewVision Systems provides a comprehensive business continuity and disaster preparedness service that can be seamlessly integrated into our document management systems. The plan – built in close cooperation with our clients – includes analysis, solution design, implementation, testing and acceptance and maintenance. This customized service offers off-site storage and retrieval of sensitive data, protected by strict access controls and accessed over secure network links.


Solution Hosting Services
NewVision Systems’ solutions generally are deployed at our clients’ sites. However, we host a number of solutions at our headquarters, including solutions accessed by the public via the Web. The choice is yours. Our hosted systems are protected by various levels of access. Hosted systems make sense when clients prefer to focus their resources – always tight – on other functions, leaving to us, the IT experts, the hosting of the solution and the maintenance of the system on which the solution is hosted.


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