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From Bus Stop to Quick Stop
When Donna M. Loglisci was elected Town Clerk of Stamford, Connecticut, she found that lines at the counters in her office were so long “it looked like people were queued up at a bus stop.” She also was appalled to learn that the turnaround time for documents needed by customers was nine months.

Mrs. Loglisci has a reputation for getting things done, and get things done she did. There are no more lines at the Clerk’s office, and document turnaround has been cut to one day. The technology partner she chose to help implement her vision of a highly functional, customer-oriented Clerk’s office was NewVision Systems, which happened to be headquartered down the street at the time.

“It was nice that NewVision was local, but that’s not why we chose them,” she says. “It’s a cliché, but you really do need a partner when replacing a paper-based, manual system that accommodated Clerks, their staffs and the public for literally 100 years or more. I wanted to go beyond trading paper for digital images, as critical as that is, and create a Clerk’s office every bit as efficient and customer-friendly as any private business. I wanted a partner that would share my vision, my commitment, and help me apply technology to every appropriate facet of the Clerk’s office. That’s what NewVision gave, and continues to give.”

NewVision worked closely with Mrs. Loglisci and her staff to customize its Official Records System to fit the precise requirements of the Clerk’s Office. The system is fully integrated, from handling deeds, mortgages, and plats to cashiering that can support a variety of payments to scanning, indexing and public view.

With the lines clogging her offices in mind, Mrs. Loglisci wanted to make public access particularly easy. That was accomplished by putting a few workstations in the Clerk’s facilities and, more importantly for most, making documents available using NewVision’s internet search module.

“Lawyers and others can now do their searches from their office or their home,” she says. “We had people at our counters going thru a few folders for hours. Now that same person can search an unlimited number of documents using a variety of criteria and filters. The new system also is much more accurate – documents no longer get lost, damaged or misfiled. NewVision’s system also offers excellent security, which is an important concern these days.

“The public isn’t the only one happy with the new system. Our staff is too. NewVision did a terrific job of training our people. The system is very user friendly, but introducing a brand new process can be intimidating. NewVision made the transition easy.

Mrs. Loglisci renewed NewVision’s contract in October 2007 in order to continue transforming her office. Working with specifications from the Clerk, for example, NewVision created a special module to handle claims against the city. Claims are recorded, scanned and indexed and emailed to the affected City department, enabling the person responsible for handling a claim to easily access relevant documents.

A particularly innovative application spearheaded by Mrs. Loglisci is a module that enables the Clerk’s office to record, scan and print maps off the NewVision system. Stamford has literally thousands of property maps for which the Town Clerk is responsible, the oldest dating from July 1, 1874. Many are yellowed and frayed. The Clerk’s office has already digitized many, with many more to go. When completed, attorneys, title searchers and the general public will be able to quickly and comfortably review the digitized maps without worrying that they’ll fall apart or get misfiled.

“We’ve achieved a real productivity breakthrough,” according to Mrs. Loglisci. “Our workload has expanded significantly over the past 10 years as Stamford became an important financial center. Our budget and head count haven’t kept up. We just couldn’t function effectively without the NewVision system. Best of all for my staff and the public, there are no more lines!”

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