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Official records clerks have long relied on tried and true processes for the recording, archiving and retrieval of official records. NewVision Systems’ Official Records solutions are designed to blend with these processes while providing enhanced efficiency, security and improved access to information. The overall workflow is flexible and adapts to new processes that can mirror the existing manual process if desired, but is also flexible and can be adapted to new processes that take advantage of the technology used, for example by introducing automation, error-checking and reporting not possible with paper-based procedures.

A critical aspect of the NewVision Systems solution is its flexibility and adherence to open standards. For example, all databases are Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-compliant, which ensures that data can be retrieved by any application that adheres to this industry standard. Because of these features, NewVision Systems document management solutions are made “future-proof.”

Typical Official Records components and features include:

Cashiering and Recording
Index and Verify
Public Search and Retrieval
PRIA-compliant eRecoding

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